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Image Turn

During image editing, you might want to change the original inclination of an image to make it point to another direction to achieve a more dramatic effect.

You can use the image turn tool to achieve this. Usually you will have to select the image that you wish to turn before turning it in the direction that you wish. In many cases, you might find that the direction does not fit quite as you thought, you might then bring it back to the original position or keep turning the image until you find a position that works for the idea that you are designing.

Image Turning

Sometimes you might want to turn an image so that it takes a different orientation in the composition that you are creating. In order to achieve this, some image editing programs offer tools that give you image turning possibilities.

In order to turn an image, you first have to select the image. If it is a whole picture on its own, then it is easy to select. However if you are selecting an object that is part of an image, you might have to precisely cut it out, and then later turn it to the direction that you wish. Turning is very useful when creating artwork and computer image collage.