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Image Views With Different File Formats

Image Viewer

Sometimes, you might just need a program that allows you to be able to view graphical images. A program that is installed for the purpose of viewing graphical displays and images is known as an image viewer. A such, they are often able to handle a number of file formats making it easy for you to view images that have been created with different editing programs and saved in different file formats. They often need to be installed on a computer, and often start up quicker than most image editing programs. Many viewers have a way of showing the directory structure such that you are able to navigate your way easily through your image library.

Tiff Image Viewer

When people use image editing programs, they usually edit the image and then save the end product using a particular file format. Some are more common and supported across most platforms while other image file formats are not widely supported. Tiff is an image file format (known as the Tag Image File Format), and is commonly found in images that come from scanners as well as from photo editing programs.

If you use a scanner or regularly work with programs that emit files with this format and you need to view them easily, you can download and install a tiff image viewer to perform the task. It is possible to sometimes use viewers that are online, but for more convenience, having the program installed is better.